The SCA (Shuttleworth College Alumni) exists to enable members to keep in touch with both the College and their peers.

On leaving the College all students were invited to become members of Shuttleworth College Old Students Association. This association formally became Shuttleworth College Alumni in 2017.

By paying a subscription of £5 per annum members can become Subscription members and receive an annual Newsletter.

SCA maintains a Database of all members. This database is maintained by a member of the committee. This task is currently performed by Patrick Godwin.

Where do we store any personal Data?

We do not have any paid staff or any form of office premises. The functions of the society are carried out by volunteer post holders who process and hold the data they use on their own computers or on paper. These computers are not networked. Each volunteer only holds the data they need for their activity. If data has to be transferred between volunteers electronic data is sent by email or paper records are passed by hand or posted.

Do we share personal data with anyone outside the SCA?

We do not supply the personal data that we hold to anyone outside SCA except

1. Where it is needed by the independent examiner in his inspection of our financial records.
2. Where we are required to do so by law.
3. Where the person has given his / her permission and then only for the purpose specified;

Security and backup

As volunteers are working in different places the requirements and methods for security differ between them.

Personal right to have data removed or corrected

If a person asks for his / her data to be removed from our records then that data will be destroyed within 1 calendar month of SCA receiving the instruction.
If a person asks for his / her data to be corrected then that data will be corrected within 1 calendar month of SCA receiving the instruction. Care will be taken that all the volunteers who hold that item of data correct their copy.


This policy should be reviewed no later than May of each year that being the time of the AGM of the SCA.

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